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About Us

The Barking Muse was born out of sheer desperation for a quality health conscious pet grooming product. As a concerned pet parent, we would spend countless hours scouring shelves and web pages to find products that were specifically formulated with the best ingredients for our pets. Frustration kept building, as expensive vet visits would result in costly prescription medication for our pets skin issues. Soon we learned that all the harmful chemicals, and ingredients that were found in your general over the counter grooming products would be the main cause of most skin irritation concerns suffered by our pets. From that moment forward, we decided that we would only treat our pets with the same organic and holistic values of life that we practice.

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The Barking Muse stands behind the commitment to offer a more holistic approach to our pet grooming products. All of our products are created with the finest organic ingredients to not only soothe the skin, but to promote a healthy and shine filled mane. With a healthy coat your pet will reward you with more pet kisses, cuddles & tail wags. When we look great we feel great, and our pets deserve to have a happy mind and a healthy itch free life.