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Meet the Muse

Deuce is our 3-year-old Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie Mix) who lives life according to his rules. When I first laid eyes on Deuce; I fell in love, as the runt of the litter I knew he was special. Deuce was a shy and timid puppy; every new experience was a challenge for him. It took him a while to adapt to things that would seem exciting to other dogs. I recall the embarrassing and dramatic reaction when Deuce wore a leash for the first time, went for a walk for the first time and his first snowfall. Instead of having a curious approach to seemingly exciting things, he’d close his eyes, fall-out, and scream until I picked him up (imagine a toddler’s temper tantrum). Needless to say, he became a momma’s boy and I was okay with that.

Like all dogs, Deuce’s confidence started to grow and he started becoming the little man of the house, he started to find his voice and ‘oh boy’ did he have a voice. Neighbors dubbed him “neighborhood watch” as he would sit in the window and bark at anything that walked, crawled or blew across the yard. He began to exhibit some remarkable traits, which blow my mind to this day… like stealing. Deuce became a skilled thief, he’d steal random things and he was so calculated you’d swear he had the help of a human companion. For a while, we began to experience a shortage of underwear (specifically dirty underwear). The missing underwear plagued my household for several months and I started to believe that the dryer was the culprit. This seemed logical since the dryer is responsible for the disappearance of millions of socks. However, It wasn’t until a visit from relatives, which led me to go on a cleaning spree. Upon cleaning the guest room, I found a large pile of missing (dirty) underwear along with bones, candy wrappers and partly chewed Target gift card underneath the bed. I quickly realized I had a skilled thief in the house that had an odd obsession with collecting dirty underwear. It took several days and a few unsuccessful spy attempts to catch the thief red handed.

Thanks to Deuce, all the hampers have locks and I am glad to report that he has retired from the underwear stealing life.

Meet Deuce
Meet Deuce
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